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Personal Loans: Estimate, Simulation Calculation Installment Online Loans for You

Bank is a leading credit institution in the field of online and branch financing. It offers the most convenient personal loans boasting excellent service in the family credit sector. In fact, Bank offers a wide range of services: credit cards, loans for the purchase of goods and services, leasing, personal loans, it also offers the applicant customized products, so there is a good flexibility.

With Bank, communication is in first place and their proposals offer excellent value for money. Thanks to Bank fast and convenient personal loans.

Through the official website Bank web, the user has the possibility to simulate countless online quotes so as to get a clearer and more defined idea of ​​the financing products offered by this credit institute.

In this article we thought to bring back some of the opinions of users, who have got to use Bank web and their services, such as Bank quote, Bank loans.

Bank personal loans: installment calculation and rates

As anticipated, Bank makes available to the user the various online possibilities, this to benefit those who are analyzing the various loans available at this credit institution. Therefore, by connecting to the official website of Bank , you have the opportunity to read all the information and specifications of the various products offered by the company.

Bank is undoubtedly among the financial companies that has a wide range of products.

For these reasons, you will have the possibility to have the most appropriate financing for you, studied on your economic needs and based on your needs. This allows you to choose from:

  • to the guarantees presented to the company
  • to the sum the customer needs
  • to the repayment installment

The user who wishes to apply for a personal loan must first evaluate and decide the type of installment he wants and thinks he can meet. To help in this step, Bank provides the loan simulation and the calculation of the installment .

Do you want to run the simulation? Connected to the website of the Bank credit institute, you will find the dedicated section for this service. Since you have the possibility to request up to a maximum value of 30,000 euros, the user must enter in the appropriate box, the amount he wants to request, or equal to or less than 30,000 euros, the next step will be click on the ” Calculate ” button . Simultaneously, the calculation of the monthly payment will be made which the applicant should give back if he decides to make the request for financing.

Already at the time of the simulation it is possible to check the box, to choose if you want to activate or not an insurance; this choice will obviously involve a small increase in the cost of the loan, but if you want to protect yourself from unpleasant events it is good to do it.

After carrying out these steps, the system will lead to another page, where there is a list of funding, which represent the best proposals that Bank has chosen for the applicant based on the parameters initially entered. And here we are at the time that the user must choose the type of installment, or the number of installments within which you want to return the credit, this choice must be weighted and match their needs. In the different solutions with different time periods, the TAN is fixed the one that instead will vary in the different possible options is the APR and the installment itself.

Bank online loans: quote and examples

After explaining the initial phase that the user will have to make to obtain a quote financing, let’s see together a practical example that will give a way to understand the above written even faster.

Preventive online loans: as per our previous clarification, the Bank credit institution has an imposed limit, therefore it allows to obtain a maximum liquidity of 30,000 euros . Do you need a larger sum? We advise you to evaluate a different solution, such as a mortgage, very useful for the purchase of the house.

Bank loan estimates

Suppose you want to buy furniture for your home, this purchase could be expensive, so a good solution could be “spread” the cost of furniture over a longer period of time based on your needs, so as to deal with in a serene way and without too many difficulties your project.

Here then that the user decides to apply to Bank to access a personal loan, requiring a value of 20,000 euros, to this request the user decides not to associate an insurance coverage. What monthly rebate do you want to implement, based on your needs? We would like to point out that the online quote service is totally free and does not involve any commitment regarding the possibility of accessing a real loan in the future. As already mentioned above, the only specific request is the sum you wish to request? To answer this question and then proceed, simply enter your personal data and do not need to be registered on the site.

Bank estimates: the available options are different, in fact at the disposal of the applicant there are 10 different possibilities. In fact, for example, you can choose to repay the loan in only 12 installments up to a maximum of 108 months. The first solution provides a monthly payment of € 1,764.30 with Tan of 6.91% and a Taeg of 11.58%, up to the last solution that is much more possible, in fact it offers 108 monthly installments of 254.10 euro with a Tan percentage of 6.90% and a 7.90% Taeg.

The above values ​​are purely estimates of what could be reserved for the applicant. The amount of the installment to be repaid and the interest rate will be established at the time the contract is signed, these values ​​will result from several factors:

  • the age of the client
  • the guarantees that the applicant submits to the bank

Therefore they will be slightly different than the values ​​that were found during the simulation.

Simulation of Bank loans for 1000 euros

Bank personal preventive loans: below you can read the information and the main characteristics of personal loans that Bank offers you. In order to offer you a more detailed and probable analysis, we decided to proceed with a request for an estimate for different amounts, so as to be able to bring us closer to what could be the needs of the applicant.

Let’s start by seeing together the small loans , for this case we thought to simulate a loan request for a value of 1,000.

The loans of small amounts are unlike what you might think, in great demand, in fact it is very likely to find yourself in a situation where you need to face an expense for a minimum value, despite the small outlay you can still choose to defer the sum in comfortable small installments. To verify in detail the type of economic treatment that Bank offers for a value of € 1,000 , we used the simulator available on the company’s website and we have prepared for you in a table the results obtained:

6 months 169.55 euros 5.91 6.07
9 months € 113.86 5.90 6.07
12 months 86.02 euros 5.90 6.07
15 months € 69.32 5.91 6.07
18 months 58,19 euros 5.91 6.07
21 months € 50.24 5.91 6.07
24 months 44.28 euros 5.91 6.08
36 months € 30.38 5.91 6.07


As you can see in the table, the company offers the applicant the possibility to choose between different options, this will allow you to choose the financing you need. The duration of the loan can vary from a minimum of 6 months , up to a maximum of 36 months .

As you can see the column of the interest rate, it does not change remains fixed although you can take advantage of major extensions, so in this case the installments increase the rate no. Nevertheless the total of the total interest to be paid will increase proportionally to the number of months chosen for the repayment of the loan. For this reason it is advisable to opt for the shortest possible duration, always considering the associated monthly payment, to avoid having to pay an excessively high monthly payment.

For this series, we can advise not to go beyond 12 months , since for this time schedule, as per the table, a value of the monthly repayment installment amounting to € 86.02, or an acceptable monthly value; choosing to extend the loan over 12 months would increase the total cost related to our loan, without having a real advantage on the monthly expense to be dealt with.

Bank loan simulator for 5000 euros

Now we simulate a personal loan request for a higher value, but we do not want to consider a particularly high value. We will take into consideration the Bank loans of 5,000 euros, a product particularly used to deal with different cases, therefore this value is chosen and used frequently.

There are several reasons for which you could need a loan of 5,000 euros, for example that related to the purchase of a motorcycle or car, or for the purchase of a trip : all examples for which the choice to pay in installments helps a lot, and allows you to make the purchase of what you want. In the table below we offer all the proposals that Bank offers its customers in reference to requests for loans of 5,000 euros.

12 months € 432.10 4.91 8.56
24 months 221.40 euros 4.94 7.39
36 months € 151.20 4.94 6.96
48 months 116.10 euros 4.92 6.71
60 months 95.10 euros 4.92 6.57
72 months 81.10 euro 4.91 6.46
84 months 71.20 euros 4.93 6.41
96 months 68.60 euros 6.90 8.42
108 months € 62.90 6.90 8.37
120 months 58,40 euros 6.91 8.33


Do you need a personal loan of 5,000 euros? Then the information that could be used to evaluate this type of expense, you can find in the table above. Comparing the 1,000 euro loan, it can immediately be noted that the number of choices available is greater. The maximum duration that the user can choose for this type of financing product is even 120 months .

Another consideration to make is on the Tan and Taeg interest rates that are applied. In fact, we can see a more difficult situation, and therefore greater variability, especially with regard to the Global Effective Annual Rate. In particular, in the bracket that exceeds 84 months there is a significant increase in both interest rates. We strongly suggest that you avoid the last three choices in the table above.

For the other options the evaluation for the choice will be based on your economic capacity . Our advice is not to choose a installment that goes beyond 48 months, a choice that responds to a monthly payment of just over 100 euros, therefore sufficiently low, with a Tan set at 4.92% and a Taeg of 6.71 %.

Bank financing estimate of 10,000 euros

The last example of a personal loan offered by Bank , which we want to analyze together is the 10,000 euro loan . We will talk about a rather important value, with which the applicant could buy a new or used car, could use them to renovate the house or to buy new furniture, so as to renovate their furniture.

So in this case we see what Bank reserves to its customers, this will also allow you subsequently to compare the characteristics of the loans offered by this company compared to the offers of the competition.

Bank preventive: below as for the two previous cases we offer a summary of the simulation summarized and reported in the table.

12 months 876.00 euros 5.60 9.73
24 months 450.00 euros 5.55 7.77
36 months € 309.00 5.72 7.29
48 months € 238.00 5.67 6.90
60 months 195.00 euros 5.54 6.55
72 months 167.00 euros 5.58 6.46
84 months 147.00 euros 5.59 6.37
96 months 132.00 euros 5.59 6.30
108 months € 121.00 5.71 6.37
120 months 111.00 euros 5.56 6.17


The established limits regarding the number of installments, within which the reimbursement is to be made, are the same as those that we have seen for the 5,000 euro loans. For this type of loan it will certainly be more difficult to make a choice, because the repayment installments are much higher when compared to the previous simulation. It is not possible to determine which is the best choice ever since this choice will depend on the needs of the customer.

An assessment to be made is certainly related to interest rates, with the help of a calculator try to calculate how much it would cost if you decide to decrease the monthly payment, choosing therefore to make a larger outlay for the duration of the loan.

From the calculation made, take into consideration that you will be able to obtain an estimate of the total expenditure to be incurred, this because there are many factors that determine the actual expenditure of your financing. Nevertheless, the use of the table above remains a valid tool to carry out an initial feasibility analysis; useful step before making the actual loan application. Would you like to borrow a sum different from those previously proposed in this article? We suggest you proceed with the request for an estimate on the Bank website.

Opinions on Bank Loans

It is always very useful to become aware of the opinions and related reviews that Bank customers have released, after having used their services. This allows users to get a real impression of what could be the strengths of this credit institution. There are several sectoral blogs where you can read about the loans available on the market.

Are you looking for a personal loan? A very wise choice is certainly to read and learn as much as possible about what the funding market offers, thus evaluating the convenience but above all the reliability of the lenders, to do so we advise you to read as many blogs and reviews as possible from customers, who have received a loan and can therefore give feedback on for example what could be the delivery times or the economic treatment they received.

Below, we report some reviews that give you an idea of ​​the experience of Bank customers. Let’s start by saying that on the official website of the credit institute there is the possibility to leave a personal comment. In the same section there is the possibility to vote Bank using up to five stars , of course, there are more stars and more experience is considered positive. Going to check the evaluation, we can see that the stars are four out of five, so it can be said that on average those who have used the Bank loans are satisfied.

Obviously, the vote is anonymous so it is not possible to know who publishes the reviews, but having a positive feedback from an important number of customers, we can think that the evaluation, corresponding to reality therefore was not distorted by small “tricks” that the company it may have used to increase its clientele.

In fact, by reading only a part of the most interesting reviews, it can be found that users generally rate it as a serious institution: Bank fast loans, as it uses fast and easy paperwork . In addition, it is found that Bank offers a good practical and efficient service, without forgetting the kindness, the grace, the precision, the professionalism of the operators, all evaluations that stand out in many reviews. The assessments, which determine a positive response of a financial one are many, but verifying the opinions we have obtained, Bank is absolutely at the top of the rankings of the best companies. Are you looking for a quick loan? It guarantees reliability and speed.

Bank Personal Loan

Now we have decided to treat another type of personal loan that Bank makes available to customers who want financing. What do we want to talk about? Of the loan called . This type of financing is defined as flexible and can also be obtained in just two working days. An important evaluation that today users make for the choice of funding are the delivery times, in fact it is a fundamental aspect that very often determines the choice of one product over another.

In fact, many times, in fact, the liquidity that the user requires immediately needs, in order to cope with an unexpected expense, therefore it is not possible to wait for the “classic” bureaucratic times that are sometimes indispensable on some types of products.

Are you looking for a quick loan? is certainly an excellent solution. Let’s see together its characteristics and peculiarities:

  • it is possible to skip the loan installment , postponing the return. This operation can be requested after having paid three installments. However, between a request and the other spend at least 6 months.
  • change the loan installment , in fact it is possible to increase or decrease it according to your needs. A restriction established by the company regarding the change in installment is only that it can be made only after paying at least three installments. In addition, to be able to change the repayment installment, it is necessary to send a request to the credit institution at least 40 days before the expiry of the installment to be changed.

It is important to know that:

  • between one request and the other must necessarily pass 6 months
  • it is possible to modify the installment only once for each year of the loan.
  • the duration of the loan can be varied. This is undoubtedly the consequence of the option to adjust the value referring to the installment in a specific month.
  • you can choose to pay a higher value than previously agreed, this can be done even if you could not pay a previous installment at the end. This is an advantage as it is possible to decrease the total duration of the loan, also corresponding to a lower interest rate as the financing will end up before the scheduled time.

Bank personal loans for retired people

Bank provides customers with a wide range of personal loans to meet the various needs of the applicants. In fact, situations can be many and varied, for example, a young couple will not have the same needs as a pensioner .

The main difference that will then determine a treatment rather than another is represented by the economic situation, or by the guarantees that can be presented against a request for funding.

The different categories have special treatments, as for Inps pensioners. The pensioner’s profile is considered an ideal profile, in fact for the company this profiling minimizes the risk of insolvency on the part of the applicant. The pension is an insured monthly income, on which the monthly deduction can be made to repay the loan received. In this article we also want to highlight what opportunities can be given to the retired category. To simplify, we thought to make a practical example so as to highlight the concept.

For reasons of work, a pensioner may not have done something he longed for, such as a trip or other small things. Therefore it may need a loan, a small sum of money. In this way, it will be possible to defer the sum in small installments, not significantly modifying the monthly budget at its disposal.

If, we wanted to simulate the situation where the pensioner decides to face the expense related to a trip, we could consider the need for a value of about 2,000 euros . Let’s try then to calculate what could be the estimate using the simulator we have previously talked about.

The applicant if he wanted to return the value of 2000 euros, in a year, then with 12 monthly installments would spend 172.04 euros, Tan of 5.90% and Taeg 6.07%. It is certainly a very convenient product, which could be of interest to pensioners who wish to take a nice trip, and can therefore fulfill their wish.

Sale of the Fifth Bank

There are many credit institutions that offer their customers a fast and convenient product, a special solution, this type of financing is called Cessione del Quinto . Even Bank offers this proposal, so we will see together below what it is and what are the advantages.

To start we would like to clarify that both employees and retirees have the opportunity to take advantage of the Cession of the Fifth. What are the advantages offered? The first advantage of this type of loan is the speed with which you can get, in fact you can receive the desired amount quickly and easily without having to resort to long and boring bureaucratic procedures. This is possible because the installment is deducted directly by the pension institution on the pension slip or by the employer on the paycheck.

The value of the installment has a limit, in fact it must not be greater than 20% net of salary or pension. The Cession of the Fifth allows to obtain high values, repayable in up to 120 months. The maximum value that can be ceded monthly is a very important constraint. This allows the customer to guarantee light installments, which will not change the monthly budget of the customer. Another positive note to highlight on this product is that there is the possibility of requesting an advance before the total disbursement of the loan. Another feature of the Cessione del Quinto is that there is no need for a co-obligor.

In addition to what is written, life and risk insurance policies are also available, which are stipulated thanks to the payment of the premium from Bank . Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the assignment of the Fifth can be done even if you have other loans in progress, or if you have had problems in the past regarding access to credit.

As anticipated, an important role is represented by the guarantees that the client can offer to the credit institution, in fact, even if the “bad payers” are generally not disbursed due to low reliability, requiring the assignment of the Fifth there are no problems for Bank because it is protected by the presence of documentation relating to the salary or pension received.

We conclude this article, informing you that thanks to the Bank service of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) you have the opportunity to take advantage of other advantages and benefits, it is a service offered to public and state employees administered by the NoiPA system and INPS. This is also an excellent possibility.