Current account in red where I can not get my salary loaned and someone else can smell foreclosure – How will I collect my paycheck?

Image result for payday loanI have read that banks can refuse the opening of a current account if the applicant is reported in crif to have exceeded the credit line granted. I state that it happened to me, as a verse in a very difficult economic situation, and to this day I can no longer cover the bank credit of 2,500 euros, and also are under another 100 euros, which are nothing but interests that the bank continues to charge because it refuses to close the bill. Now I ask, as I fear a block of another online bank account for a substantial debt that I have not been able to pay, in case they make me a foreclosure, which is credited with a modest salary that I withdraw immediately, not for strategy but for real need ; if this happened and the bill was blocked, how would I get the salary? I do not need a credit card or a checkbook, but only a basic account in which to receive the salary. Furthermore, in your opinion, is it common for the current account to be blocked even if it is always empty? Do banks first check to see if there are large sums? Or is it more logical to ask and get the one-fifth of salary foreclosure?

The current account is based on a bilateral contractual basis: the bank may refuse to contract for any reason (not just reporting in CRIF). What a bank can not do, however, is to refuse the withdrawal from the current account contract, ie the closure of the relationship requested by the customer. Even if the bill is in red!

Image result for payday loanOnce the creditor’s current account has been identified as the subject of an executive action, the creditor should not normally be able to know the balance in order to assess the appropriateness of a possible attachment. In fact, it is confidential information that can only be provided by authorized employees with non-respectful procedures, in any case of customer privacy.

The seizure of pay offers the possibility to recover the credit, but it takes some time to get a satisfactory refund: with the foreclosure of the current account, however, the creditor attempts the hunchback shot. If things go badly, he can always try again by paying the retirement pay or salary of the debtor.

It is possible to buy on the market a type of product that could meet its needs in the case of blocking the second current account: these are prepaid cards provided with IBAN, which do not require a current account. In practice, by providing the IBAN to the employer, the accredited salary increases directly the availability of the prepaid.