Breathe and achieve self-control

Breathe, an art of living

Most people think that meditation is only accessible to an elite group of monks, religious, yogis or devout practitioners.
Many imagine that meditation only serves to achieve enlightenment , or to find a deep calm that is often not achieved …
Some believe that you need to know the techniques of the old ones, in order to practice correctly …

But meditation is not a technique but a way of life !

But what is the point of meditation?

From our Holistic point of view, meditation serves to balance the body, mind and spirit .

It is the art of unifying one’s thoughts, actions, and words.
Meditation allows one to be more present in one’s work, to be in harmony with oneself and those around us.
It allows to respect its values .
It also helps to be more productive, more attentive .
To make better love because more present to the other.
It allows to be closer to nature, to feel more united to the world around us,
to feel part of the great family of humanity.

In short, as you see with my various examples, meditation allows you to be more present at everything. This is why meditation is not a technique but a way of life.

How to master this art of living?

How to master this art of living?


Imagine a professional sportsman. And considers that the moments when he is in full sporting realization, represent his days of life. And that the moments when he trains is the time he meditates.
When is he the most alive ? When is he training or when he is in action ?

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Consider right now that each of your days represents your meditation and that the moments when you sit on your zafu are only for your training.
Training your body, your mind and your mind.
This will literally change your perspective on meditation

How to train to meditate?

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The one and only thing you have to do is breathe.
Inspire – Exhale – Inspire – Exhale
Leave aside all the meditation exercises you’ve learned, put aside the mantras and learn to breathe first.

– Explore the inspires and expires
– The quality of your breath
– The duration
– The depth
– His speed
– Observe the path of the air
– Feel its freshness to the inspires and its lukewarm expires.
– Visualize the oxygen entering each of your cells and the carbon dioxide that comes out of it.
Imagine the diffusion of oxygen in every part of your body, in the billions of cells that compose you.
– Listen to your breath.
– See him.
– Feel it.
– Become your breath.
– There is only that, … breathe … be .

So to meditate is to breathe?

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Yes, that’s why the training is done on the zafu so that you can breathe consciously during the rest of the day.
The more you train fervently, the more you will be awake during your day.

What can we expect from this practice?

Let’s be clear. The more you are aware of your breathing, the more you are aware of yourself and of what surrounds you. The more you are aware of yourself and of what surrounds you, the more you are awake to what you think, say and do
So, if you have followed everything, this practice will serve you in all spheres of your life. It is a so-called holistic practice, which allows one to elevate one’s entrepreneurial qualities as well as one’s spiritual qualities, as much to elevate one’s qualities as a coach or business leader as one’s artistic qualities.

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There is no separation of living areas with meditation because it is a way of life.
So to summarize:
If you want to meditate: breathe and become aware of your breathing . This should be your one and only practice.