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10 reasons to borrow money

Image result for responsible loansA loan must suit your wishes, personal and financial situation. It is a financial responsibility and obligation for the long term. So you do not just opt ​​for a loan. Look therefore further than just the interest and read the conditions well. The 10 benefits of borrowing money from Bank we have put together for you.

1. Over 20 years of experience in providing responsible loans

For more than 20 years we have been helping clients with an appropriate and responsible loan. We do not advise you, but we would like to inform you as fully as possible about what lending means. At Bank we only provide loans that are responsible. That is why we look at each desired loan to see if it fits the personal and financial situation of the applicant. We do this together with a team of specialized and experienced credit acceptors.

2. Apply for a loan online

At Bank you have complete control. No advisors, but you decide which loan form fits best in your situation. It is important that you look closely at the differences between a revolving credit and a personal loan. Compare the loans with each other and make sure you have a good overview of the total costs of the loan. Base the choice of the loan form on the loan goal. Would you like to borrow money for a car, for example? Then it is very important that you have repaid your loan before this car needs to be replaced. Are you still not completely out? On our website you will find extensive information about the differences between a revolving credit and personal loan . Is it not clear yet? Our specialists will then be happy to explain the differences as well as possible.

3. Borrow inexpensively and at low interest rates

Bank is strict at the gate. That means that not everyone can borrow money from us. We only provide loans that are sensible in a person’s personal and financial situation. That is why you can borrow cheaply from Bank at low interest rates. We are also clear and transparent about our interest rates. For everyone applies the same interest rate, which of course depends on the amount of the loan amount. That way you know exactly where you stand. Curious about our interest? View the interest rates of a Personal loan or the interest rates of a revolving credit .

4. Free offer within 10 minutes

Have you calculated the desired loan? Then you can always request a free quote via Bank. By applying for a free quote, you are nowhere to be found. In order to be able to send a good quotation, we do need a number of details from you. For example your name, marital status, your financial situation and your living situation. Are you entitled to a loan on the basis of the information you have entered? Then you will receive a free quotation from us within 10 minutes in your mailbox.

5. Fully digital settlement of your loan

The processing of your application is completely online. If you agree with our quotation, we ask you to upload the signed quotation and additional documents via an online secured personal environment. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions. Once you have safely uploaded the signed documents online, our experienced staff will assess your application. Is the loan accounted for? Then you will receive the money in your bank account within 1-2 business days.

6. Always pay off without penalty

If you borrow from Bank, we think along with you. You can always pay off without penalty at Bank. This means that we do not charge you for the early or extra repayment of your personal loan or revolving credit. In short, do you have a financial windfall or do you want to repay the loan in one go? Then you can always pay at Bank without extra costs, as often and as much as you want!

7. Honest, clear & reliable

Bank is honest, clear and reliable in everything. In our products, conditions, interest rates and service. No small print or unpleasant surprises afterwards, but 100% clarity beforehand. On our website we inform you as completely as possible about all our products, conditions and interest in clear and clear language. Also on the phone. Do not you come out yourself? Or is something not clear? Then call one of our specialists at 073 – 646 2556 . They will gladly help you.


Financial service providers need a license to be able to perform their services on the Dutch market. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets ( AFM ), the behavioral oversight officer, issues these permits. Bank has such an AFM license (under number: 12011145 ). Bank is also a member of the Association of Financing Companies in the Netherlands ( VFN ). The goal of the VFN is to promote safe and responsible lending for the consumer. As a member of the VFN, Bank complies with the codes of conduct and guidelines that VFN prescribes to financing companies. This makes Bank a fair and reliable financial service provider.

8. No closing costs

Borrowing money, costs money. You pay interest on the loan. But pay attention when choosing a cheap loan or you have to pay extra costs. At Bank you can borrow money without closing costs. This means that we do not charge extra costs for taking out the loans. We also do not charge consultancy costs. We do not advise you, you decide which loan best suits your personal situation. With the calculation tool of Bank you calculate immediately how much a Personal loan or Continuous loan costs you. You can see the interest, the monthly costs and the total costs of the loan at a glance. In the offer you will therefore also see the same interest rate and costs. So no unexpected high interest rates or costs afterwards.

9. 14 days to change your mind

Did you take out a loan with Bank, but it turns out afterwards that this is not what you want? No problem, at Bank you are not attached to anything. You are entitled to 14 days to change your mind after the conclusion of the contract. Of course you are obliged to repay us the money received within 30 days. You also pay interest on the days that you have borrowed the amount. The same interest rate applies as in the agreed agreement.

10. We are there for you and for our customers

We do responsibly in everything we do. Your needs, wishes, personal and financial situation are always central to us. A fast and customer-friendly service is self-evident. It is not for nothing that our customers rate us with a 8.8! Curious about customer experiences at Bank? Read here all the experiences.